July 17, 2024

Fully Funded Al-Azhar University Scholarship 2024

Al-Azhar University Cairo, Egypt, offers scholarships to international students in Islamic studies for session 2024-25. The university is famous for its high education standards, rich past, and dedication to Islamic studies. In this article, I will share complete information about this scholarship, including how to get it and how you can apply.

About Al-Azhar University Scholarship 2024

Al-Azhar University scholarship is especially for students who want to become scholars in Islamic studies. This scholarship offers money to students, which helps them pay their tuition fees and housing and will help them with other expenses like living.

 Al Azhar University Egypt

Benefits of the Scholarship

There are a lot of benefits of the Al-Azhar University Scholarship 2024. Some of them are given below.

Financial support: If you are eligible and get this scholarship, then you will be able to earn money from the university that will help you to pay your tuition fee, board fee, room fee, and other living expenses, so your financial problem will be solved.

Cultural Integration: Studying at Al-Azhar University is one of the greatest ways to immerse yourself in Islamic culture and history.

Learning Opportunity: Students at Al-Azhar University can interact with a distinguished faculty known around the world for their knowledge and commitment to education. In addition to having access to comprehensive learning materials, students benefit from an engaging academic environment that promotes intellectual growth and critical thinking.

Impact of the Scholarship

Al Azhar University scholarship has a great impact. It can change the life of the student who gets it. The scholarship helps students learn new things and also helps them research Islamic studies.

Eligibility criteria for the al-Azhar University Scholarship 2024

Students must meet the following criteria for an al-Azhar University scholarship in 2024.

  • Applicants must have a high level of English proficiency, at least at IELTS Level 7, both in speaking and writing.
  • Individuals studying interdisciplinary topics like History, Philosophy, Political Science, or Area Studies, among others, are encouraged to apply.
  • Those selected must demonstrate academic excellence, resilience, and skills suitable for college-level studies, indicating potential for leadership roles.
  • Scholars awarded the scholarship must commit to returning to Egypt after completing their studies and continue working at Al-Azhar University.
  • The scholarship aims to support graduate studies in theology, comparative religion, philosophy, history of religion, and related fields.
  • The application process requires submitting a completed form by the specified deadline. Shortlisted candidates will undergo interviews as part of the selection process.

Application Process for the al Azhar University Scholarship 2024

Before applying for a scholarship, gather necessary documents such as a student visa, passport, online application form, research proposal outline (for MA and PhD applicants), IELTS certificate, proof of fee payment, financial statement, photos, medical certificate, application fee, letters of recommendation (for MA and PhD applicants), health and life insurance, TOEFL certificate, and family information.

How to Apply Online for al-Azhar University Scholarship 2024

To apply online for this scholarship, visit the university’s official website and sign up for your account. Please navigate to the Student Portal (بوابة الطالب), locate the Admission Form, and complete it with your full name in English and Arabic, passport details, gender, date and place of birth, country, address, and phone number. Before submitting your application, ensure all required documents are uploaded.

Required Language for Scholarship

As you know, the university conducts its classes in Arabic. So you must be fluent in Arabic speaking and can also write Arabic. Therefore, applicants should be proficient in speaking and writing Arabic. Consider enrolling in the Al-Azhar preparatory program to enhance your Arabic skills and prepare for the university’s academic challenges.

Overview of the al Azhar University Scholarship 2024

UniversityAl-Azhar University Cario Egypt
Scholarship TypeFully Funded
Eligible CountryInternation Students (all over the world)
Age LimitNo age Limit
Requiresd LanguageArabic& English
Minimum CGPA2.5 CGPA
Admission in Program History, Philosophy, Political Science, or Area Studies
Dead Line05-04-2024


In conclusion, the Al-Azhar University Scholarship for 2024 offers a great opportunity for students interested in Islamic studies and aiming for academic success. This scholarship supports students in achieving their educational aspirations. It significantly contributes to Islamic scholarship by providing financial assistance, educational resources, and exposure to diverse cultures if you consider applying for the Al-Azhar University Scholarship in 2024.


What is the last date of the al-Azhar University Scholarship?

The last date of the scholarship is 5th April 2024.

What is the age limit for this Scholarship?

According to the university’s official announcement, no age limit means no matter how old you are. So don’t worry about age and grab your chance.

Minimum CGPA required for the Scholarship?

Your minimum CGPA must be at least 2.5 to get this scholarship.

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